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motorcycle classic Eric Patterson is now a world champion with his name firmly in the FIM speed record books, and unlike some challengers he didn’t look for an easy record and then build a machine to go for it. Eric’s mean machine is a progression from the 750cc JAP/Norton special (tested TCM November 2001) that he concocted with the help of Dave Degens – well known as the originator and rider of Dresda endurance racers.


Mention of JAP motors might give you a mental image of an oily and rattly old vintage job, but the Tottenham company didn’t stop making motors just because they’d become unfashionable for road bikes. Lying under his bench (well he is a successful autojumble organiser), Eric had an 1100cc V-twin JAP that had started life in a racing car, circa 1952. It was the pukka job, with magnesium alloy casings, and an aluminium alloy top end. The frame of Eric’s first special had needed to be stretched to accommodate its engine – which made its


Featherbed rather too king-sized for my five foot nine – but this time Dave simply spread the lower frame rails so that the engine could go a little lower and further forward. From the outset the Norton/JAP was intended to be road-legal(ish), but the ominous wrist cord, that kills the engine if rider and bike part company, shows that it is also a serious competition machine.

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Yamaha to offer demo rides at AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference

yamaha motorbike The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is pleased to announce that Yamaha will be providing a demo fleet of cruisers, sportbikes and dual-sport machines for attendees to test ride at the 2009 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference, presented by Harley-Davidson and Buell, scheduled for Aug. 19-22 in Keystone, Colo.


Along with a host of riding seminars, a fantastic vendor row, numerous conference activities and the facility's impressive amenities, the demo rides will be a major part of what makes the AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference the top destination for women riders in 2009."


Knupp said that all of Yamaha's demo ride leaders are licensed Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructors. To participate in a Yamaha demo ride, Knupp says attendees must have a helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, eye protection and a motorcycle endorsement (no permits).


The 2009 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference, presented by Harley-Davidson and Buell, is the country's premier event for women motorcyclists. While the event focuses on women riders, it is not limited to women.

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Triumph Daytona 675SE

triump daytona new motor concept

TRIUMPH has launched a special edition of its award-winning Daytona 675 Supersport model - the Daytona 675SE.

The machine features a new Pearl White colour scheme, complemented with a distinctive Sparkle Blue frame, swingarm and subframe. The Daytona 675SE also features newly styled blue graphics and race-inspired pinstripes on the graphite coloured wheels.

The Triumph Daytona 675SE arrives in dealerships in May, priced at £7,739 otr. The Daytona 675 is also available in Jet Black and Tornado Red colour options, priced at £7,589 otr.

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New Kawasaki's ultimate high-speed tourer

new motor concept kawasaki

Saturday October 11, 2003 Kawasaki has shown a concept machine at the Milan motorcycle show which may yet turn out to be a landmark machine in that it can be changed into different modes. Kawasaki's ZZR-X concept machine is billed as the "ultimate high speed tourer", offering high speed comfort and brilliant handling performance.


Mode-changing mechanisms allow the rider to select the riding position and functionality to suit the conditions for example, it can be a low or high speed touring machine and there's

even a full-on sports mode where the adjustable fairing and screen takes on its most aerodynamic profile. Borrowing from many exclusive automobiles which offer varying aerodynamics dependent upon speed, the Kawasaki ZZX-R has speed sensitive fairing components which change position depending on speed too.

      motor kawasaki                                                motor concept kawasaki

Some other firsts on display within the concept machine include cone-shaped, rim-mounted disk brakes which are designed for maximum cooling efficiency, and a centrally-mounted fuel tank which is designed to centralise the mass on what is obviously a very large machine.Ample storage capacity has been designed into the machine, with a capacious storage area in front of the seat. Yet another first is the muffler which is built into the bodywork.

Details on the machine are purposefully vague - no weight, no engine details and no power figures have been released, which indicates Kawasaki was attempting to float the concept rather than indicate a specific machine.


Perhaps even more significant than the machine which was shown, were the sketches which accompanied the showing. They clearly illustrate a line of thinking which involves an all-purpose bike with different panelling to be clipped on for different purposes - with the add-ons ranging from expandable panniers through to a roof.

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Minerva motor Indonesia

PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) today, Tuesday (28/4/2009) has launched three variants Minerva Sachs 250 in Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, and found that this blend two motor companies from Germany and the UK.

Matters submitted to the engine companies of Germany, Sachs. Minerva is well with previous work with a company that has been established since 1886 through Sach MadAss 125 cc back in 2008, and 250 this form Sachs continuation successsor Minerva in Indonesia.

While for the business of design, from the trusted brand Megelli from the UK. In the global market Megelli was released in Europe and America, and there, this motor was USD3.900.

"Motor is the latest production machine Sach Germany that is the stategis our partners in providing motorcycle engines, and also from the UK Megelli a globally known as the creator of the best design of motor sport," said CEO of MMI Kristianto Goenadi in his speech at the launch of Minerva Sachs in 250 Sultan Hotel, Jakarta.

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